FREE Stock School Logos!  Choose any one of these stock logos and we will include it with your imprint FREE of charge.  When ordering simply indicate the number of the stock logo with your order.  Or, you may include your OWN school logo with your order absolutely FREE.  Available on most products.

FREE CLIP ART - School Stock Logos

SS-1 SS-2 SS-3 SS-4 SS-5
SS-6 SS-7 SS-8 SS-9 SS-10
SS-11 SS-12 SS-13 SS-14 SS-15
SS-16 SS-17 SS-18 SS-19 SS-20
SS-21 SS-22 SS-23 SS-24 SS-25
SS-26 SS-27 SS-28 SS-29 SS-30
SS-31 SS-32 SS-33 SS-34 SS-35
SS-36 SS-37 SS-38 SS-39 SS-40
SS-41 SS-42 SS-43 SS-44 SS-45
SS-46 SS-47 SS-48 SS-49 SS-50
SS-51 SS-52 SS-53 SS-54 SS-55
SS-56 SS-57 SS-58 SS-59 SS-60
SS-61 SS-62 SS-63 SS-64 SS-65
SS-66 SS-67 SS-68 SS-69 SS-70
SS-71 SS-72 SS-73 SS-74 SS-75
SS-76 SS-77 SS-78 SS-79 SS-80