Leather Look Padfolio with Sticky Notes
Item# HT1360
As low as
Memo Notebook w/ Sticky Notes and Pen
Item# HT1373
As low as
Jotter Pad
With Sticky Flags

Item# HT1362
As low as
Pocket Partner
Item# HT1384
As low as
Spiral Notebook with Sticky Notes
Item# HT1378
As low as
Jiffy Slitter with Tape Flags
Item# HT1392
As low as
4 in 1 Desk Needs
Item# HT1641
As low as
Essence Bamboo Desk Buddy
Item# HT6124
As low as
Square Leather Look Case
Of Sticky Notes With Calendar & Pen

Item# HT1367
As low as
Leather Look Case Of
Sticky Notes With Calendar

Item# HT1365
As low as
Sticky Flags In Pocket Case
Item# HT1346
As low as
Sticky Book
Item# HT1341
As low as
Multi-Use Desk Set
Item# HT1342
As low as
Business Card
Holder with Sticky Notes

Item# BULSM3202
As low as
The Look Book
Item# BULSM3194
As low as
Slimline Sticky Memo Holder
Item# BULSM3263
As low as
Deluxe Memo Pad Desk Caddy
Item# BULSM3247
As low as